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Doughnut Hive Coffee Menu

doughnut hive's flavoured americano

Flavoured Americano

Our Flavoured americano flavours include sweet caramel, smooth vanilla and hazelnut.

doughnut hive's cappuccino


Doughnut Hive's Cappuccino is one of our most popular enjoyable drinks.Drink it, MEGA SIZE.

doughnut hive's Caffé latte

Caffé latte

Doughnut Hive's Caffé latte is one of our most popular hot beverage drinks.

doughnut hive's chocolate icy chino

Icy Chino ®

Doughnut Hive Icy Chino is made to keep you cold. Available throughout the year

doughnut hive's Caffé mocha

Caffè Mocha

Doughnut Hive’s Caffe‘ Mocha can be enjoyed in its original form or with wipped cream

doughnut hive's caramel icy chino

Caramel Icy Chino ®

Doughnut Hive's Caramel Icy Chino is sweet and cold. Icy-Chino perfect all year round

doughnut hive's cinnamon cappuccino

Cinnamon Cappuccino

Our Cinnamon Flavoured Cappuccino is perfectly matched with our cinnamon donut.

doughnut hive's hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Doughnut Hive Hot chocolate flavours include caramel and hazelnut

doughnut hive's chocolate cookie latte

Choc Cookie Latte

Doughnut Hive Chocolate Cookie Latte has all the goodness of cookies and coffee

doughnut hive's chocolate mint icy chino

Choc Mint Icy Chino ®

Doughnut Hive's Choc Mint Icy Chino is minty and cold. Perfect for summer

doughnut hive's grandwest casino

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